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Our services are purchased by corporations, attorneys, businesses, individuals and organizations. Below is a list of just a few remarks from our clients.

Our clients have the option to receive a comprehensive spiral bound book complete with index, pictures and documents.

  • I got the package today!! Wow!! You were able to find a lot of information!! BTW, I gave your name to a friend that was at Jennifer's birthday party. She will probably reach out to you for help on her ancestry too. - Jacque
  • I received your information from Jacque. I am interested in having my ancestry researched. (Later wrote) This is great information! I would like to continue. Thanks again for a wonderful job. - Karon
  • You're so good--this is amazing! The pictures and documents are so special! And you went so far back with Ola. I'm just amazed! - Tiffany
  • You are doing a Terrific job and we are really enjoying the fruits of your labor!! We are going thru it all now. Thank you for the great work! - Fred
  • Thank you very much for all of your efforts. - Ivy
  • I've been meaning to email for the longest time to see about getting you started on genealogy research again. I hope you are well. I look forward to hearing from you to see if we can get your research started again. - Sean
  • Harris County, Brazos County Probate Court as an Expert Witness, many oil and gas companies
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