Frequently asked questions regarding our services. Please contact us for a free initial consultation!

  • How much time will it take?
    It is difficult to estimate the amount of time needed to work a pedigree. Many variables come into play. For example: spellings or misspellings of names, movement across the country, burned or lost records, time period in which we are researching and many others. We have extensive experience in identifying, locating and proving missing relatives from your family tree. We use all available resources including court records, religious, history, and society to analyze the information found to provide evidence needed regarding an individual or family. As resources and technology continues to progress, we have merged powerful research skills using new technology and expansive knowledge of traditional methods of research.

  • I just need a lookup of a record. Can you do this?
    Yes we offer lookups and document retrieval service to many locations across the US. Please contact us for our rates to provide you a copy or transcription of the records you would like researched.

  • I need help to review my Ancestry Tree to make sure it is accurate. Can you help me?
    Yes we can review your family tree and make suggestions for additional research or provide the research for you. We can also help you sort the accurate information with the inaccurate. Please contact us with your needs and receive a quote.

  • Do you charge extra fees?
    We try to include our basic expenses with our hourly rate or minimum hours for areas that have parking fees and other expenses, so you are not billed for these extra fees. We will try to make digital copies of the records that are found, so you do not get charged copy fees. Some locations do not allow us to provide this service to you and require us to purchase the copies. Sometimes clients would like to have a physical copy. These copy fees are billed as a pass-through to you for the amount we are charged for the copies.

  • How do I know what area I should select for my research to be done? Do I always have to go to the main location or where my ancestor's lived?
    Unless you specifically want a document retrieval record, we will select the least expensive method and location to help you with your research request. We have locations that provide a wealth of information at one location, so it is not a requirement to go to the actual location your ancestor lived. At times, you may need onsite research at a specific location. We are able to assist with the research for you.

  • Will you research at Salt Lake City Family History Center and Washington DC?
    We provide onsite research at many locations. Some locations have a higher hourly rate and/or minimum number of hours. Please use our Free Consultation service to help you with the best options for your research needs.

  • I want to give a relative a family tree that is framed. Can you do this?
    This is a wonderful idea to give to relatives, friends, wedding, and baby gifts! Yes we can help you generate a family tree that either we can print and frame for you or will provide you the PDF file so you can have printed. We also provide several styles of books that can be given as well. We will be happy to accept your research to make these items or we can do the research for you.

    In addition, we can also offer your family tree on custom printed fabric to hang, make into a quilt, laptop sleeve, tote bag and if you need help with these items, we have the connections for you and will handle it for you from start to finished product!